from passion to vision

We are a DeFi company based in Switzerland that is founded on the belief that blockchain technology will revolutionize the still untapped potential of the prediction market sector.

By creating an open, secure, accessible, and well-designed prediction market ecosystem, we envision a global community where users everywhere can participate in predicting, playing and winning from cryptocurrency price changes.

global community

As followers of everything blockchain, we saw how the DeFi gaming industry exploded in 2020 with a market revenue of $321 million. It is no surprise since around 41.9 million gamers own crypto.

In 2020, sports betting was already valued globally at $203 billion, while other online betting platforms have reached around $59 billion in the same year.

We intend to expand the prediction market by developing a platform that would bring into the fold those who are already participating in DeFi gaming, sports predictions, online betting and others.

universal approach

Being a Swiss company, our team is subject to strict government and bank regulations. Since our establishment, we have maintained a high reputation for compliance and credibility.

This is why the games on our platform will not only be entertaining for users, but it will also be rewarding for everyone involved as we have devised a system that gives back to the community that will be the pillar of this endeavor.

We are Triple 5. And in the next two years, we intend to become the largest decentralized GameFi ecosystem accessible by anyone, anywhere in the world.


Paul Marinescu

 Tech investor with years of background in real estate.

 Diversified investments in cryptocurrencies and blockchain. 

Spent years studying the industry, instilling in him a passion for decentralized finance (DeFi).

Sabin Gozman

Tech entrepreneur who also got his start in real estate development. 

An active crypto trading enthusiast and a blockchain technology investor. 

A strong believer in decentralization caused by the large-scale adoption of blockchain technology. 

He is currently building multiple crypto/ blockchain projects.


Leandro Macarian

Leandro Marcarian is an experienced tokenomics advisor and in-game economy developer. He has held various positions as a tokenomics advisor to CEOs of various companies and has been involved in the development of in-game economies for several Pay-to-Earn games. He is also a seasoned economic researcher and consultant who has provided policy advice to clients and designed performance reports. He is currently working as a senior researcher for the Monthly Economic Journal at the Economics Research Institute of the Universidad del Salvador and is involved in research projects dealing with macroeconomics, economic growth and development.

OUR Development team

Ensemble Software performs a complete range of systems development services,
including needs analysis, system design, software development,
quality assurance, documentation & training.

Extensive expertise in research, product development, platform integration, market automation, as well as user engagement and retention. 

Extensive experience in working with leading online betting platforms, notable Las Vegas casinos and other similar projects. 

Specializes in needs analysis, system design, software development, quality assurance, documentation and training, among other services.

With over 10 years of experience in software development, QA and testing.

Provided a range of system development services to organizations from a variety of industries.

With a background in different payment module integration, payment flows handling and transactions.

Experienced in the use of Solidity language, building automated testing frameworks and has a vast knowledge of OOP (Object Oriented Programming).

Other expertise includes web dev in Angular, React.js, Vue.js, Express.js, Laravel (PHP), Spring (Java), .NET (C#), mobile development with React Native, Java/Android, Kotlin, Swift, and cloud computing expertise with AWS CloudFormation, Kubernetes, Microsoft.